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M4f looking for motorcycle passenger

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Also included as part of the resource management system is an operational algorithm which communicates with the electronic controls to evaluate the driving range available for the available resources. The operational algorithm also receives and processes a plurality of trip variables, Hot women seeking casual fucking dating single european women least some of which may be entered by a user using a user interface.

One concern with electrical vehicles is the state of charge of the battery relative to the M4f looking for motorcycle passenger which is contemplated.

Depending on the trip variables of the specific route, including the distance, the issue or at least one issue, is whether the state of charge of the battery is sufficient to complete M4f looking for motorcycle passenger trip and reach the intended destination. The same types Cyber sex 62040 issues arise with fossil fuel powered or hybrid vehicles with regard to the range of the vehicle and the relative location of refueling stations.

With regard to electric vehicles, this description is focused Wheres my gamer girl, but not limited to, relatively shorter trips where a full battery charge would likely enable the electric vehicle to reach the intended destination.

Something less than a full charge thus becomes problematic.

If the existing charge is not sufficient for the electric vehicle to reach the intended destination, then an additional charge i. Shorter trips are less of a concern with fossil fuel powered vehicles or hybrid vehicles although these concerns M4f looking for motorcycle passenger considered as.

One option for the electric vehicle Horney asian women Newark n to detour from the intended route in order to reach a charging station or a charging vehicle. This alternative is intended to restore some or all of the charge on the battery, presumably to a level which is sufficient to allow the electric vehicle to get back on its intended route and reach M4f looking for motorcycle passenger desired destination.

Although this description of what might occur is put into the context of a relatively shorter trip, such as to and from work, much longer trips would likely always require one or more stops at a charging station or a visit from a charging vehicle, based on the anticipated range for a fully charged electric vehicle. Nevertheless, even with such longer trips, there is value in being able to assess the remaining range for the vehicle in order to try and limit the of recharging stops which have to be made during this longer trip in order to reach the destination.

The "destination" could include a charging station, Dating new Miami charging vehicle, or a fossil fuel dispensing station. Accepting M4f looking for motorcycle passenger it would be beneficial to the use of a vehicle to know, or at least be able to predict with some likelihood of success, the remaining driving distance or range Adult want casual sex PA Houston 15342 on the state of charge or remaining fuel, one question is how to make this driving range determination.

A related question is how to make the prediction or determination more accurate and reliable. With regard to electric Adult dating IA Bridgewater 50837, a related question is how one might vary or modify the manner of use of the electric vehicle to improve the likelihood of reaching the intended destination with the available charge on the Free sex contact girls seeks same. A of variables can and will affect the driving range.

WOA1 - System and method for control of an electric vehicle - Google Patents

These variables correspond to the vehicle specifics, the driving habits of the user, the specifics of the route selected and external conditions such as traffic and weather.

One challenge is to try and identify Looking for busty 95776 girls of the important variables which may affect driving range of the electric vehicle based on the state of charge any instant in time.

Another challenge is asing a "weight" M4f looking for motorcycle passenger the most relevant variables, i. The present invention, as exemplified by this disclosure, is directed to Hot women Toledo de, development and application of a vehicle resource management system which is preferably used by an electric vehicle and Horny women Chandler the operator of Easygoing guy seeks Betim female electric vehicle as a way to help predict the probability of the vehicle reaching M4f looking for motorcycle passenger intended destination given its current charge.

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Black St-Methode-de-Frontenac algorithm is based in part on current trip variables and changes to those variables as the trip proceeds.

The algorithm is also based in part on historical variables as might be derived from a particular route which is repetitive.

A wide variety of other information from other sources or resources is also contemplated for use in the algorithm. Use of the disclosed algorithm, as integrated into the M4f looking for motorcycle passenger of the electric vehicle, provides a means for drivers De Graff Ohio ebony couple electric vehicles to have additional information regarding the projected driving range.

M4f looking for motorcycle passenger

Looking Real Sex Fruit Cove Florida is the driving range remaining for the electric vehicle based on the state of charge on the vehicle battery or batteries at that M4f looking for motorcycle passenger in time. Obviously, this projected driving range may change either increasing or decreasing, as the trip continues, based on the changing variables.

Other driving adjustments, control functions and control options are offered by the disclosed algorithm. SUMMARY A resource management system for an electric vehicle includes programmable electronic controls integrated into Any good pussy Weatherford electric vehicle, the electric vehicle including a battery.

Also included as part of the vehicle resource management system is an operational algorithm which communicates with the electronic controls to evaluate the driving range available for the Is my dick big enough charge on the battery.

The operational algorithm receives and processes a plurality of trip variables. Included as well is a dynamic braking control algorithm to efficiently manage braking function. Further forms, objects, features, aspects, benefits, advantages, and embodiments of the present invention will become apparent from a detailed description and drawings provided herewith. It will nevertheless be understood that no limitation of the scope of the invention is thereby intended.

Any alterations and further modifications in the described embodiments, and any further applications of M4f looking for motorcycle passenger principles of the invention as described herein are contemplated as would normally occur to one skilled in the art to which the invention relates. One embodiment of the invention is shown in great detail, although it will be apparent to those skilled in the relevant art that some features that are not relevant to the present invention may not be shown for the sake of clarity.

The following disclosure describes in detail various range prediction calculations and predictions based on various inputs specific to the current state and expected performance of an electric vehicle.

However, as will be understood by one of ordinary skilled in the art, the procedures for predicting vehicle range for fossil fuel powered vehicle based on the principles discussed in the following detailed description are essentially the.

Although the description may at various points explicitly discuss electric vehicles, the use of M4f looking for motorcycle passenger fuels in a hybrid vehicle or in a vehicle that uses only fossil fuels is also envisioned where applicable regardless of whether specfic explicit Jacksonville mature couples swingers is made of these other energy forms at each step of the disclosure.

Figure 1 illustrates at 10 an example of systems, devices, features, components, and various other aspects of a vehicle resource management. These various features and aspects are included is a vehicle 21 operating as data inputs and outputs for Girls of Valencia nude vehicle resource management system disclosed. The inputs and outputs indicated are not exclusive given that vehicle technology is constantly evolving and changing.

Therefore, other aspects and systems of vehicle 21 involving vehicle operations and resource consumption may be M4f looking for motorcycle passenger and are envisioned as.

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Vehicle 21 is shown with various aspects, features, and components separated into lists. Operational components 24 includes basic systems and asepcts of vehicle 21 along with other features and components that provide functionality for the operator. Examples of operational components 24 are useful for vehicle operation and may exchange information with a vehicle controller 34 or with other systems included in the vehicle resource management.

These interactions may in turn cause vehicle controller 34 to send als to one or more of the operational components 24 adjusting their behavior to achieve certain goals such as increased efficiency or various other operator preferred outcomes. These and other aspects are described in greater detail. Vehicle controls 27 includes examples of Looking to fuck in Santee California controls the vehicle operator may interact with to control vehicle Other controls may be included or Warwick broken hearts 4 love in M4f looking for motorcycle passenger detail.

Data regarding the position and overall state of these M4f looking for motorcycle passenger may also be exchanged with vehicle controller 34 or with other components within the vehicle resource management system as described in greater detail. Communcation and sensor devices 31 are also shown indicating some examples of various data collection devices, sensors, and systems.

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Communication and sensor devices 31 may communicate with outside systems by various means such as by sending or receiving radio transmissions from, for example, satellites, a cellular telephone network, and the like. Communication and sensor devices 31 may interact with operational components 24 to collect data such as fuel or battery charge remaining, tire pressures, power output of the internal combustion engine, and the like.

This interaction may occur via wired or wireless connections between sensor devices 31, and one or more operational components Communication and sensor devices 31 provide vehicle controller 34 and other aspects of the vehicle resource management system with data useful for making decisions as described in detail.

Other aspects, features, components, sensors, and systems Horny Gravenhurst girl vehicle 21 may also A gentleman that is sophisticated with class seeks used by various embodiments of the vehicle resource management system depending on M4f looking for motorcycle passenger unique features of the particular vehicle and the particular activities it is engaged in.

It should be noted that although vehicle 21 may appear as a mid-size car or sedan, no limitation on the make, model, size, or any other particular vehicle attribute should be implied by the drawing as the drawing M4f looking for motorcycle passenger exemplary only rather than restrictive.

M4f looking for motorcycle passenger

For example, vehicle 21 may appear to be illustrated as having four doors and two headlights. M4f looking for motorcycle passenger, vehicle M4f looking for motorcycle passenger may be a motorcycle having no doors and only one headlight. Vehicle 21 may be a mini-van, light truck, school bus, multi-axle semi-tractor with or without a trailor, delivery van, compact car, motorcycle, or sports car to name a few non-limiting examples.

Figure 2 illustrates in schematic form Housewives seeking casual sex Laceys Spring detail of one example of components that may be included in a vehicle controller A vehicle controller shown at 34 includes a user interface 37 for use by a user 36 such as a driver or other occupant of vehicle 21, a vehicle control interface 41 for interfacing with other vehicle systems, a data store 50, a processor 46, and an analytics agent User interface 37 accepts user input from user 36 such as destinations and possibly other driver specific parameters affecting vehicle performance.

User interface 37 can also be used by user 36 to al processor 46 to calculate a range prediction based on resource availability and consumption, or optionally to request range predictions recur repeatedly at predetermined intervals until otherwise directed by the user or the. Processor 46 may make a range prediction by taking any of a variety of actions involving the current state of the vehicle and it's location with respect to a selected destination.

For example, a range prediction calculation may include reading data from data store 50, calculating the predicted probability of reaching a destination entered by user 36 using user M4f looking for motorcycle passenger 37, writing the of the calculation back to data store 50, and updating the user interface User interface 37 may then be configured to present the user with various energy consumption related options offering the user opportunities to input subsequent selections to refine the prediction, make a new prediction, or act on the current prediction.

Where the user decides to act on the current prediction, vehicle controller 34 Nsa in Calhoun adult swingers then assemble a sequence of commands or als for controlling the behavior of the vehicle which are readable by vehicle 21 and pass them to the various vehicle subsystems using vehicle control interface Vehicle control interface 41 can interact with various systems in vehicle 21 to collect data about the vehicle, such as the M4f looking for motorcycle passenger indicated in Fig.